One day Trip in Taipei!!!! (Shilin Town + Beitou + Shilin Night Market)

July 10, 2018

Hello Everyone!!!! Sa-was-dee kaa!!! I’m May intern from Thailand. After 3 weeks in Tainan,We had a great opportunity to spent 2 weeks in Taipei!!! And now I’m intern at a Papersun hotel in Taipei for 1 weeks. I want to share my good experience in Taipei in this blog Hope you enjoy!!!! 


Good morning!!!! Today was a third day that I lived in Taipei. Now it’s 9:50 and I’m still sleepy but my breakfast woke me up .I also ate a delicious Breakfast. Ville said to me that Today we have an appointment with Jacky (He said like to told me that you should hurry up!!!) when I was enjoy with my breakfast, Ahhhh I completely forgot that today have an appointment with Jacky. Today Jacky will bring us to walk along the street to view the scenery, visit the home town in Shilin so I really quick eaten and went to waiting Jacky at the Lobby. 


Let’s Go!!! Jacky started with the history about the town and a streets. We go ahead on the street until we met an herbal tea shop. The shop is small but still has the charm. Jacky told us that when someone feel not comfortable. Feeling irritable or heat; It is a substance in the body or unbalanced. Yin - Yang unequal. We need to reduce the herbal heat or cooling the body achieve balance Woah, I write like I really know about this 55555. This shop has a many herbal menu for selection. We ordered tea + Chinese Wolfberry. But!!!! Today had everything except ChineseWolfberry!!! Fortunately!!! So I told them that I can drink everything and I got a mint tea. Normally, I just slightly to dislike a mint. But then I drank it, I feel good inside, its cold body. Clean, bright feel peaceful here, it's amazing, why I’m so exaggerate 5555. 


On the Right of the corner, we will see a cut suit, the oldest one in Shilin. The shop is modern, but it's still a classic in itself. Walk straight up indefinitely we will find a Night market, which during the day is normal, don’t have any shop on the street.But there is a one temple is located and told of the history of this temple. We went into the temple and I saw a big Chi Chi Sticks. It was like a big pot and we would pray for blessings, shaking hands and then picked up. Do you know what I blessing?, Let's guess It’s not hard 55555 I glanced to the side and I saw someone were throwing sticks face upturned. How are we to pray? so I think we pray in 3 language because I’m afraid that the god will not understand The first turn upside 1 downside 1 The second turn downside 2. I think because the second turn I pray only Thai language so the god will not understand what I said 55555.I want to play again but my friends will wait me for a long time.




Next we walked to the market. Taiwan Market is like a Thai Market, I told Jacky like this, but Jacky said that Thailand is cleaner. Ohhh Jacky was misunderstand. It's like this!!! Now it’s 12.00 Jacky asked me “Are you hungry?” Now I’m full!!! Because at the morning I had 2 Set of Breakfast but Jacky still bring me to eat a stream bun, it was delicious. Inside it was a pork and vegetable. I made pork fall to the ground… 


Next Jacky bring us to ate shabu. What!!!!  I just eat 2 set of Breakfast + 1 buns and He bring me to eat shabu!!!! Ahhhh!!! From here walk about 15 minutes to the shop. We leave the shop at one o'clock and a half and at the afternoon I have an appointment with HanHan (My Taiwanese friend) .


   We started the trip on 3 o’clock afternoon with my new friend “Han Han” She is Taiwanese and Taipei people. I told HanHan that I wanted to go to the Natural place. HanHan suggested me to go to Beitou Hot Spring and she attached a photo to me to make the decision. Once I saw the picture. Wowwww!!!! Let’s GO!!!! 


We ride the bus Number 601 from Shilin to Beitou. Because it’s so convenience and it have a bus stop at Beitou and used Easy card to pay. Price of round trip by bus approximately 30 baht the price is so cheap it made me happy, but you can travel by MRT from Shilin station to Xinbeitou station.It is also convenient too and the price for round trip will be around 60 baht. 



When we arrived at Beitou Hot Spring, we just rotated for three rounds to find a way that will travel on the Internet review based? If mounting from the bus stop, we will see Beitou Park.At that the Park will have many people came to jogging, exercise, and walk the dog When I see something like this it’s make me feel more relax and very happy.Today, People who had graduated in this year came to shoot a photos. I ask them to take their photo and act like crazy so I got an image .



Suddenly, I look at the front and It’s nothing at here. Oh I see….. It’s a wrong way. We've turn around 180 degrees and walk back towards. Keep walking until we found the Map. But I’m not interested in map. I focused on the water that flows down from the quarry, it’s very clear water.  


I walked to either side, it will have a natural views. Chirping bird’s glaciers that flow down. We think of ourselves as snow white 555555. The first point we will found is mineral bath Wowwww but you must wear a swimsuit if you want bathing! If you don’t have a swimsuit their sell in friendly price and the ticket to go there is 40 TWD only.