3 Things I reaffirmed while on my trip to Sun Moon Lake

June 1, 2018

Hello guys!! It’s Majo again! So here we go to some adventures around Taiwan...


The first free weekend Daniel and I had from our internship, we embarked on an adventure to Sun Moon Lake, the largest body of water in Taiwan. Located in the middle of the island, 160 km away from Tainan, involving a journey of a local train (Tainan-Taichung) and a Shuttle Bus (Taichung-Sun Moon Lake).


We stayed at Sun Moon Lake from Friday to Sunday, having enough time to explore the lake, do some hiking, and visit the main attractions. The lake and the surrounding mountains offer spectacular breathtaking views for all its visitors. 

  So here goes my list:


1. You can always find a tour guide in Taiwan


You will never get lost,  that is for sure, someone will always give you instructions or help you get around. In our way to Sun Moon Lake, we walked out of the train station at Taichung, looking for the bus station where to take the bus that would take us to the Lake. I didn't realize at the moment but Daniel had ask someone for instructions; the guy he asked not only told him where to go but when he saw we were going to take the wrong turn, he came back for us and walked with us for several blocks till we reached our destination. I mean this guy literally went out of his way (because he was going somewhere else) and took us where we needed to be.


Who on this days takes time out of their busy schedules to help a stranger?? I really hope your answer is not what I am expecting but sometimes the people living on the big cities we get so caught up inside our own lives that we forget to look around to see the person right next to us.


 2. The portuguese didn’t called it: "Ilha Formosa" for nothing!!


The amount of nature that surrounds you wherever you are in Taiwan is incredible. I have never being hiking in my life, that I remember! (Maybe I have but, you know, my memory is not so good). But after doing some hiking the first day at the lake and making our way to the pagoda, hiking became one of my favorites activities. Of course, is not an easy task with this heat but the views are totally worth it. The view you get from climbing to the top of the Ci'en Pagoda and from the Hiking trails, are incredibly BEAUTIFUL!!!


Ci’en Pagoda is a must on your next trip to Taiwan!!!




3. Taiwanese people are the kindest people ever!!


It was Saturday, our second day at the lake, I was waiting for the city bus to take us to Wenwu Temple. I was sitting down on the road, while two ladies were approaching so I remember I greeted them with a “Nihao” the only word I knew when I came into Taiwan, but apparently the only one I would need to start a conversation. HAHAH that sounds kind of weird and it probably doesn't make sense to  you, but hear me out! I will try and make my point clearer. I didn't speak Chinese, they didn't speak English and I don't even remember if I smiled at them or just greeted them with a Hello. But soon enough, one of the ladies turn to face me and offered me a piece of the Honey Melon she was eating, when I realized what she was doing I could not help but feel overwhelmingly happy: I LOOOVE fruit and this lady that I just met at the street was sharing her fruit with me. I said Xie Xie and smiled at them (now this time I am sure I did smile). A few minutes later Daniel came to us (he was taking pictures before) and the lady offered him fruit too. So we end up with a bag of fruit that she so kindly gave to us.


The taiwanese just have ways to put a smile on your face!

Sun Moon Lake resulted a great starting point for us exploring the country and gave us a glance of how our stay in Taiwan would be.


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