Feeling like "Home" in Taiwan

April 18, 2018

Time went so fast. Currently, it was my last week for internship program. Thanks to Jia Jia, during 8 weeks staying there, I have plenty of chance to experience and explore about Taiwan including the beauty of many sites, Taiwanese people, culture, cuisine,..

To be honest, Taiwan treats me so well and I really appreciated about all the memories I had for the last 2 months.


Definitely, there are many stories I want to tell but at that moment, the one I always remember and really want to share is about Taiwanese people.

'During 2 months for my internship in Jia Jia, I gained a lot of first experience in my life. And every of my first stories is closely related to Taiwanese people.'


The first time I have experienced long time spending for preparation to go to a new country


     After interviewing with CEO of Jia Jia, Ms.Tsai, I was very happy about her accepting my application and I started procedure. However, there were many difficulties. During more than 1 month for Visa preparation, sometimes I felt too stressful. That time was very near Chinese Lunar New Year, I was scared about delaying process or somehow I couldnot do my internship in Jia Jia. No words enough to describe my feeling at that case.

Luckily, Company and AIESEC NCKU in Taiwan supported me very much about work permit and Visa requested document. Every request was quite urgent and need to submit as soon as possible. I know they were much busy for current work but company and AIESEC always tried their best to give me the paper or information I need.

Finally, when i got the approval of government for Visa, I just wanted to say much “thanks”, without Jia Jia and AIESEC, I couldnot get the opportunity to explore Taiwan.


The first time  I have traveled alone and “get lost” stories

    I spent 1 week visiting Taiwan. My itinerary is from Taipei to Taichung, Alishan and last stop in Tainan.

I made a travelling plan by myself and took risk when travelling alone without Internet. Anyway, I got lots of chance to get in touch with Taiwanese people.

On the first day, it was quite strange for me about public transportation. It is very different between Vietnam and Taiwan. One Taiwanese man I met could speak English and helped me to buy ticket coin to go from Aiport to Taipei Main Station.

When exit Taipei Main Station, though my Taiwanese friend gave me the road guidance to hostel, I cannot recorgnize the direction to go. The road in Taipei is big and there werenot many people at my stop. My luggage was very heavy so it wasnot easy to move quickly. I asked some people and fortunately there is a male student. He searched the way and supported me to take luggage and guided the way to hostel.

On the second day, local people guided me the way to use Route Map for MRT. In Vietnam, I donnot use MRT for public transportation and when receiving guidance from Taiwanese people, I understand and see it quite easy to go anywhere by MRT and I felt more confident to take MRT. But on the next day I went to Jiufen Village, I had to take a bus to there. And actually, when exiting MRT Station, I walked wrong way to bus stop. There was a man and an old woman, even they didnot know where the bus stop should be, they tried to search and showed me the right direction. I would say, with my first week experience in Taiwan, local people is my first unforgettable impression. They are very kind, careful and supportive.


 The first time I missed the train

    If someone ask me about the difficulties in Taiwan, first thing comed up in my mind is about my first problem when I was late for high-speed railway train to Taichung. Because I was quite tired for these first travelling days in Taipei, I didnot hear alarm ring and woke up late at 6:00 am. I run to hostel receptionist, 7-Eleven and MRT Station but no further information. Keeping calm, I went to Taipei Main Station and asked the HSR Staff and luckily, I could change my ticket to Non-reserved ticket and pay for extra money.

Once again, I received the help of many Taiwanese people on my way from Taichung Xinwuri Railway station to Taichung train station, then to my Taichung hostel.

The woman sitting next to my seat at train, she helped me with my heavy luggages move inside Xinwuri Railway station. She bought a ticket for me to Taichung train station and guided me understand about the way.


While waiting the train, I met a Taiwanese family and they showed me direction to rear station. Afterwards, they asked small student group on the same way to help me to Kiwi Hostel. I didnot ask them about that. I was really amazed when they supported me by that way.

Honestly, I think I am quite annoying but deeply, i always wonder why all the Taiwanese people I met are very friendly, I have never seen their discomfort. Travelling alone for 1 week  without Internet, definitely, one of the important things I get is the support from local people. I would say Taiwanese people made me feel warm at the beginning days of my journey in Taiwan.


The first time I almost use body language

     It is very special that every single time when I met Taiwanese, they think I am Taiwanese. At first second, they use local language to talk with me. I went out with another intern from Germany, by natural way, almost local people approached me and told by Taiwanese language. They thought I could translate what they want to mention to English for German guys. At that moment, I just smiled and expressed some "No" signals.   

It is so strange when talking with local people almost by body language. However, I feel we are close to each other. I like their smile, their embarrassing, their gestures. I easily understand the thing they want to help or tell to me but they cannot find out enough words to demonstrate. Actually, I love it all and I am happy about the fact that many local people thought I am a Taiwanese.

Furthermore, I also admire the innovation of Taiwanese people. They are very clever and creative for many different kind of products or souvenirs and even recycled things. Probably, you will see a lot at many stores.


My first home in Taiwan #JiaJia

    This is the first longest duration I have been far away my homecountry and easily got homesick. Jia Jia didnot make me lonely and let me feel warmer like “Home”. Jia Jia played an important role not only of my daily life in Taiwan but also my daily working experience. We had a good time enjoying together and I learnt a lot at there.

Besides working, sometimes, we ate together or somedays we cleaned house together. All Jia Jia staffs either front office or back office are very nice and kindness, always support me as much as they can.