Exploring Tainan - Biking around the West Coast

March 7, 2018

The West Coast of Tainan has a wild, untamed beauty as well as many historic monuments that few visitors have seen. Today's blog post summarizes some of the most beautiful destinations to discover at the socalled 'Anping District' - perfectly suited for a sunny bike tour. 

Since the temperature in Tainan can raise well beyond the 30 degrees mark in the spring and summer months, please make sure to put some sun lotion on and don't forget to take some sunglasses, maybe a hat and some water with you.

After having yourselves strengthened with an appetizing breakfast at the hotel, nothing shall then be standing between you and and an exciting bike tour as fortunately, the JJ-WW Hotel provides free bike rentals for its guests. So: Ready when you are!


1. Stop: Fort Zeelandia


Fort Zeelandia, currently named Anping Fort, is a national historic site presenting a long history. During the Dutch occupation, the fort was built on a raised sandbank at the entrance to the Tayouan harbor, off the coast of modern-day Anping District, to strengthen the defenses. During the war periods, some residues of layered bricks remain to be seen. Visiting Fort Zeelandia, you will be attracted by the large surveillance post which was built to monitor the surrounding area. Besides, there are many other historic monuments to be discovered such as the Fort Stele, the Military Equipment Bureau Stele, the Semi-Circular Inner Fort Wall and Ancient Well.

Pick up a leaflet at the ticket counter to look for all these sites and to get further detailed information. Feel free to take your own pictures for memory at Anping Fort as well!

Surrounding this area, you can also visit a small market, where you can grab  some food, drinks and all kinds of souvenirs.


2. Stop: Lin Mo Niang Park


It is easy to recognize this attraction at far distance because of the sixteen-meter-high statue: The human embodiment of the goddess Matsu as she protects the sea workers.

Lin Mo Niang Park is a long park and popular spot for many activities like kite-flying, jogging or leisurely cycling. If you go there in the afternoon or on the weekend, you will not only be able to view a nice sunset scenery but also surely enjoy the sea-breeze at the park.


3. Stop: Eternal Golden Castle


To be honest, I really like the landside around the Eternal Golden Castle - it has a unique, picturesque look. Riding along the street beneath the tree shadows, I could cool down for a while, escaping the hot sunrays. I was certainly impressed by the peaceful atmosphere at the Eternal Golden Castle. It was originally built to increase the defenses against the threat of invasion. When being here, hearing the melodious echoes makes me relax and lets me listen to my inner voice more deeply. This is the perfect destination for those of you wanting to escape the crowded hotspots for some time and to get more closely in touch with nature.


4. Stop: Sunset Platform


At noon, we visited the Sunset Platform. At this moment, it was very quite, hardly any sounds were coming from the sea and the waves. We took a rest and enjoyed the peaceful scenery at the beach. Perhaps, as the name suggests, Sunset Platform shows its most beauty at the end of the day when the beautiful scenery is enlightened by soft-red beams during the sunset. As we only went there at the afternoon that day, we returned the following day to experience its complete beauty. What shall I say: It welcomed us in a totally different way. Make sure to not miss this stunning view!


Last Stop: Sicao Dazhong Temple


This is a huge temple, located next to the Sihcao canal, its sheer size is very impressive.

You can take a boat along the green tunnel to explore a captivating eco-system at there. Unfortunately, we had missed the last boat tour at that, thus we definitely will have to come back to complete our West Coast experience!


Each journey will bring a useful experience. Taking a trip to explore Tainan, you will understand meaningful things from the old ancient capital. Be open-minded towards this new cultural experience! Until next time!


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