A day in Anping

July 18, 2017

Happiness is simple, all we need is a peaceful day off to have an adventure with a good friend.



Day 14.  June 21, 2017.


My friend and I decided to use our first day off together to travel to a nearby cultural city called Anping. It is only about 5 km away from downtown Tainan, where we live at the moment. However, the small town offers a strong sense of history and culture that is so needed in the so-busy world today.


We wake up to catch the nearly afternoon bus to Anping from Tainan. It is the very first time I had been on a bus here in Taiwan as well. After being here for exactly 2 weeks, I am still amazed how well rounded and systematic the transportation here is. With one card, everything is connected. Not only that, the transportation here is accessible, cheap, safe and suitable for all! It really reminded me of the saying, that “A developed country is not a place where the poor have cars. It's where the rich use public transportation.”-Gustavo Petro.


First step down the bus,  I remember shouting my friend “好 熱 !” which is my way of saying “Oh my, this weather is hot!” in chinese. Our first stops is at the cheapest local food that sells a whole big bowl of noodle! Anping Oyster Shell Cement Kiln is right beside the place we stop for lunch. This place is the first glimpse I have of the place history of Taiwan.


As a science student in Thailand, I have quite limited knowledge of World History. I have heard a little bit of that, a little bit of this. However, the only thing I have “heard” of Taiwan is that people from China has migrated here when the Chinese big revolution. Only know I know that it is partly the truth.


Our next stop is at the Fort of Zeelandia/Anping Old Fort. This is the place I have learned a bigger picture of Taiwanese History. My friend from Singapore, who have lived here a month longer than I did, explained briefly to me about the history of Taiwan.  


From my understanding, Taiwan was inhabited by the aborigines until the Dutch arrived to develop Taiwan into a prosperous trading port in Asia. Later on the Chinese from Mainland China came and took over. However, during the 1895, Japanese colonised Taiwan all the way until mid 20th centuries. In that way, Taiwan has adopted many cultures, architecture and so on from the Japanese as well. After the surrender of Japan after the Second World War, the Chinese again occupied Taiwan. However, after the Chinese civil war during 1949, the ROC flee mainland China, and the PRC governs the Mainland China as it is today.


We had a walk around the town, passing many beautiful temples, and old street. Witnessing the locals talents all across streets. Experiencing the traditional arcade all along the streets. Trying both food I have never seen before, or the modification of foreign food that is so unique in its own way.


Of course, before we end our trip, we visited one of Anping Must Visit, “Anping Tree House!”. As a lover of green, this is just greenly amazing! The greenness brushes of the toxic of the pollutions in the city, like nothing can.


Until next time, Anping !




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