Film,321 Action Restaurant

July 10, 2017

 Recommended menu at Film,321 Action Restaurant


I have a chance to visit Film,321 Action Restaurant which is JiaJia new project. Film 321 action restaurant is collaborating with Tainan local farmers. They deliver fresh organic meal to the customers. Opening hour 10:00 AM – 5:30 PM. ​Closed on Monday


Film,321 Action Restaurant


Film,321 Action used to be dormitories for the Japanese soldiers when Taiwan was under the Japanese rule. In January 2017, Film 321 Action Restaurant began operation in two of the dormitories, Room 19-1 and Room 19-2.




Japanese interior design


After the Japanese soldiers left the dormitories, various tenants lived in Room 19-1 and made slight renovation to the room. Luckily, most of the renovation was removable and we were able to restore the room back to its original condition. With its vintage wood design and traditional layout, immerse in the Japanese atmosphere while you dine at our restaurant!


321 Art Village


The village locates at the West of the Tainan Park. It was the core military base in Qing dynasty. During the Japanese Colonization, the Tainan Train Station was established and had become an important transportation center. After the old gate walls had been torn down, and the Tainan Park, Tainan Junior High School, and Hua Yuan Xun Chang Elementary School had been established, the old base became a well-developed place.


321 Art Village


The Ministry of National Defense took over the village after the WWII, and yielded some resting rooms for soldiers’ families to live in. In 1946, the National Taiwan Engineering College (now National Cheng Kong University) borrowed eight buildings from the Ministry of National Defense for their staffs to stay in, including the famous artist Bo Chuan Guo (teaching in Department of Architecture, NCKU since 1950), and was noticed to public as a municipal monument in 2003.


321 Art Village


Department of Cultural Affairs of Tainan Government has rolled out a two-year program before rebuilding the whole area. In this year, the Lane 321 Art Village that was officially founded in March 23th 2013 would be starting its second year of the program. Various types of art can be found here ,including Tainaner Ensemble at No.199, City Story Teller at No.27, Nanri Tomoko at No.29, Ju Zuo Art workshop at No.33, Blue Dragon Art at No.38, Wan Wu Chi Shi (Tainan One House) at No.35, Printing Garden at No.37.



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