Biking around in Tainan

July 3, 2017

Interns at Jia-Jia are given ample time to explore Taiwan to help us better understand this country and introduce it to guests visiting Jia-Jia. So far, I have been on many adventures here, biking over 30km under the hot sun to places in Tainan such as the Cigu Salt Mountain and SihCao Green Tunnel.


 Marc, Kevin and I at the SihCao Green Tunnel


I was able to borrow a bike from Jia-Jia for my travels as Jia-Jia have bikes for its guests to rent (Free if guest rents for 2-3 hours; one-off payment of NT$100 until guest check-out for long period of rental). But even if Jia-Jia does not have enough bikes, we can easily rent a T-bike in Tainan.


Jia-Jia-at West Market Hotel’s bikes


~How to rent a T-Bike in Tainan~


T-Bike Station in Tainan

  1. Purchase an iPASS/ Easycard from any convenience store (7-11, FamilyMart) for about NT$100.

  2. Top up your card at the convenience store

  3. Go to the nearest T-Bike Station and find the machine located next to the bike.

  4. Register your card by following the instruction on the screen. You would require a Taiwan Phone number to register your card.

  5. Tap your card on the card reader and choose the dock number for the bike you want.

  6. Click OK. The signal light by the dock will light up.

  7. Go to the bike and press the red button.

  8. Gently pull out the bike from the station after the “beep” sound.

  9. Enjoy your journey!

  10. Place the bike back into a dock at any of the T-Bike Station. There should be a “beep” sound and the green signal light will light up.

  11. Ensure that the bike is locked after the “beep” sound.

  12. Tap your card at the card reader for card deduction. (This is important or you may have problem the next time you rent a T-Bike!)

~Other information on T-Bike~

Rental Rate: NT$10 for 30 mins (for iPASS), maximum charge is NT$100.

24-hour service hotline: 0800-527527


Bikes are a common mode of transport in Tainan. Generally, it is quite safe to bike in the city as motorcycles/scooters and cars are used to people on bikes and would give way to us. However, there are some rules that you should familiarise yourself with before you start biking on the road.

  1. To make a left turn at an intersection on your bike, you usually have to make a two-section right turning.


  2. Flashing yellow lights and red lights means to proceed with caution and stop before proceeding with caution respectively. In the night time, most of the city’s traffic light will become flashing signals due to less traffic on the road.

Most people in Tainan here wears long pants with masks to shield themselves from the hot sun. If you are going to bike for long hours, I would suggest that you should at least put sun block or you will definitely get sunburn! It is very hot in Tainan during May and June so I would not really recommend you to cover yourself up too thoroughly. Also, prepare a raincoat/poncho (easily purchasable at 7-11) so that you can still ride if there is a sudden downpour!


It is convenient to bike to many of the tourist attractions in Tainan from Jia-Jia. Using Google Maps, you can navigate the  whole city easily even if you do not know how to read or speak Chinese. Besides, the locals are very friendly and would try their best to help you if you ask for directions.


Passing by a temple while cycling in Tainan


If you come to Tainan in May or June, I would definitely recommend you to travel the city by bike as it is too hot to walk around here. Hope you have a fun time travelling around Tainan!


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