Interns on Tour

July 4, 2017



 All interns from Tainan arrived in Taichung

Andrew, Tammy, Jasmine, Nive, Emma


Taichung & Nantao

After the interns have been working for five days every week, we eventually plan to go to Taichung and Sun moon lake in Nantao. We made an appointment to meet up another two interns from Taipei. Hence there are 7 interns and another intern supervisor called “Nash”. He invited us to travel to Taichung which is his hometown.Taichung is endowed with a rich history and beautiful natural scenery.

It also offers well-priced culinary delights, assorted shopping areas and arts performances, making it well worth a visit. We go to Taichung by train (TRA) from Tainan train station. It takes approximately  2 hours.



 Taichung day vibe


Taichung offers a downtown shopping experience similar to that of Tokyo or Manhattan, a bustling nightlife, and a cuisine to please even the pickiest palate. Travelers come to this city to feast their eyes on the temples, markets, parks, and museums. Touring families often visit the Taichung National Museum of Natural Science to marvel over the exhibits or the Feng Chia night market to purchase local goods. But perhaps what Taichung is known for the most is Bubble tea, the most famous beverage in the region.




              in front of National  Public Information Library                    Eslite bookstore in Taichung                                                        


Traveling in Taichung is easier than you think, we can take the bus or the public bike at affordable price all day with your Easy Card. Nash said that Taichung government is so rich so they sponsor travelers to go around this lively city. In the evening we went to Rainbow Village where you and your friends can take tons of photo doing funny stuff. You can take the bus no.30 from 仁友客運綠川東站 near Taichung Railway station to 嶺東三站 or you can drive depending on Google map. I personally don't recommend to take the bus, cause the bus is slow in coming.


Rainbow Village


From Taichung Railway Station we took the taxi to Sun Moon Lake in Nantao because it’s  10 TWD different from the bus’s fee and it’s one hour faster. Taiwan's largest lake, Sun Moon Lake is located in the mountains of Nantou at the geographic centre of Taiwan island. The name of the lake is inspired by the beauty of the area. The east side of the lake is round, like the sun, while the west side is long and narrow, like a crescent moon.



Sun Moon lake, Nantao


We walked a lot when we was there, We highly recommended you visit Wen-Wu temple. It’s 2.8 kilometers far away from the sun moon lake and allowed you to enjoy stunning scenery up on the mountains


Wenwu temple

Emma, Nive, Jasmine, Andrew,Tammy


 Stunning scenery from Wen-Wu Temple

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