Cooking Class @ Jia Jia!

June 30, 2017

 Cooking class @ JiaJia west market hotel


Tainan is Taiwan’s food capital

Today all interns had so much fun because we were invited by our hotel to experience Tainan cooking class as observers. We are honored to obtain this chance as we knew that Tainan food is super awesome and delicious, bringing this city a reputation. Some people say “Tainan is Taiwan’s food capital” and we cannot deny this fact after tasting Tainan’s food.


 Taiwanese Spring Roll


Let’s begin with the tasty appetizer called “Spring roll”. On the day of the beginning of the spring, people use the rice paper to wrap the vegetable, and that called “Spring Roll”. Everyone eats that to pray for the health and save, and some called that “Spring Bite”.The Spring Roll in Taiwan is different from the deep fried spring roll in Hong Kong and Singapore as well as the rice spring roll in Vietnam. The main food inside the spring roll are bean sprout, leek sprout, celery, coriander, bamboo, carrot, dry tofu, pork, squid and egg. All of the foods in the spring roll are slices and it will add peanut powder, sugar and seaweed on top, after those , just wrap it!



Coffin Bread


Coffin Bread is one of famous food in Tainan. The coffin is pronounced as ”guan-cai” in Chinese. It sounds terrible as English, but it means something good when the two words separate. “Gua” means the level promotion and “cai” means wealth. It was western fried toast with chicken liver mixed Chinese ingredients before, and it was called “chicken liver board” in before. Some Day, the archaeological group from National Taiwan University came to the restaurant and chatted with the owner, liu-Yi Hsu, and

a professor told Mr. Hsu that the appearance of the chicken liver board looked like the stone coffin which they are digging. Mr. Hsu named the food “coffin” after he first heard of that.


 Ai-Yu Jelly


After the main course, we should have some dessert to nourish our soul. Ai-yu Jelly is natural and vegetal pectin. This kind of liana is found in certain Asian country, Taiwan, Fujian and the south of Zhejiang. In 1821, there was a businessman from Fu-an prepared the product from mountain in Chiayi. Because of the hot weather, he drank the water by a river when he passed through the Da-pu, Chiayi. He saw something lumped like jelly and floated in the river. He tasted it and felt cool and yum. After that, he let his daughter “Ai-Yu” sell this unknown jelly. Since people started loving the jelly, they always said”Ai-Yu, can I get the bowl of that!” Therefore, the jelly from the river was named Ai-Yu. Even the girl, Ai-Yu didn’t know the real name of it!



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