Heaven on Earth


Lin Mo Niang Park


Some places and moments give you the impression of pure bliss, making you want to capture the moment for ever. That was it. Neither pictures nor videos can fully convey the atmosphere there.



It was on the return of Anping Fort that we stumbled inadvertently on it. If it was not for the high flying kites, which can be seen from miles away, we would sure have missed it. Coming from a country where kiting is very restricted in cities,  it was the first time I saw so many of them.












On the verge of the harbour, displays this two-hectare breathtaking park, swinging between peace and agitation. Fifties of dogs enthusiastically playing with their mates and masters, running along children to catch some


ball. Bubbles there, bubbles everywhere: tiny, huge, weirdy long lasting, oh god am I in some kind of a dream? The sun begins to set, diffusing soft orange and red colors.



And in the middle of all this bustle, stands this huge white Lin Mo Niang statue, known to protect seafarers, looking out to the sea, giving this place a feeling of calmness and appeasement.


And behind the laughter of toddlers and barks of puppies, a soft chinese flute plays some oddly familiar melody. And there I am, cycling on the verge of the sea, trying to remember, remember what it is to be anxious again, when all it takes is to explore, and care less.





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Feeling like "Home" in Taiwan

April 18, 2018

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