How Taiwan Is

April 12, 2017

Taiwan is a place that surprises me many times, starting from the first moment that I arrive in Taipei.



The words 'nice', 'clean' and 'orderliness' pops up in my head describes how they can arrange the things to fit so perfectly to each other: the architecture, the street, the houses and even the underground system.


After spending a few days in Taipei, I felt that living here is the fusion of technology and culture. It is easy to use your mobile phone to find information and many services. The culture, you can not resist that there are some small or big temple in every street you pass, the picture of people doing the ceremony or paying respect.


Then I move to Tainan for internship at Jia Jia hotel. Living and working here is so eye opening for

me: the hotel is very creative - each room have their own story, and all these make it more interesting about the art. For living, Tainan is a very cultural city. I feel the history of this city through people, buildings and food. But one things that impress me a lot is food: Tainan has thousands of food for you to try and it is cheap and tasty. In my first week i had noodles, dumplings, fried rice, beef soup, fried stir vegetable, BBQ, fried chicken, bubble tea, mango shaved ice and more.


To sum up, my first week in Taiwan is very impressive because I am surrounded by good

people in a good place.

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April 18, 2018

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