Tainan Story

March 2, 2017

When the train halts, a passenger got off the seat with two large suitcases headed toward the exit door, underneath the train station, drops of sky keeps falling, whilst warm wind blows spray of water towards my face. I suddenly, took out umbrella and walk out of the station. On the way into town, drops of rain began to pour onto the car’s windshield, by looking out into the window, everything was soaking wet.


As the car took me into the city, I have came to realize that my life here was going to be different, with much distinct things. As of my first night in Tainan, I took a stroll around the corner of Zhongzheng Street, the atmosphere was so quiet and calm, in that it had given me lots of thoughts about the city.


Of course, the most prominent thing which I realized was the amount of tea shops, in which it could be found in every corner. And second, is the people who seemed so friendly, yet at the same time so relaxed. Upon reflection, I began to ponder about my stress, in which I have created myself, and how could I adapt myself to live in this new city.



Apart from the stress, during my first week, I have discovered several shops for noodles and countless tea shops around my house corner. The food and drinks here, in fact are everywhere, and range in different prices.


And for me, it is where I stress gets relieved. If you ever feel insecure in your new place, walk out to the corner of the street and grab some fried local snacks. Some chit-chat with the local shopkeepers can give you new thoughts about the new place and may bring you back a smile of relieve after finishing the meal.

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April 18, 2018

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