Small Town opposite Tainan Confucius Temple

August 24, 2016

If you are a person who wants peaceful feelings and loves artsy things, the small town opposite to Tainan Confucian Temple named 泮宮 is for you. This is also a place you can choose beautiful souvenirs for your family or friends. You should go to this place on Saturday or Sunday so all of the stalls are opened.



There are a lot of souvenir stalls along this street. There are a lot of green trees here. When you just enter the gate, there is a stall you can try cooking sugar on the left.


A few walks from that place, you can visit a cute shop. If you love cute and creative things, this is the place for you to buy things. I really like dried flowers here, it is so impressive. You also can find another stall near there, they have different kinds of dried things from fruits to flowers. I am really impressed by holes from lotus seed. If you have trypophobia, you can skip it because it looks quite scary.


If you are a girl who loves handmade skincare things, you should visit the purple store Gogo Store, you will feel like home when coming to the store thanks to the smell of their herbs and DIY things. Their products are quite pricey. However, the quality of them is really good.


I really like the cream which makes us release stress there. You also can buy some salt bags in different colours.


And you can go to another smaller town in the street. There is a beautiful coffee shop selling ice cream. The space is amazing. There is another small gallery inside this shop.


I really like the stall from the man selling souvenirs which are painted by him. He graduated from art major at university. And he is making these things to sell. He shared to my friends and me that there are some things he have to paint them for 2 days.


There are a lot of temples around here, you can go around this place to know more about religions in Tainan City.


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