My Temple Tour

August 23, 2016


Our first stop is Taiwan Confucian Temple 臺灣孔廟. It is also Tainan Confucius Temple  臺南孔子廟  or Quan Tai Shou Xue 全臺首學. It also has another name the Schollarly Temple or Wen Miao. I fell in love with the color of the temple. It is more fascinating when the sun shined more brightly. I found that this temple and Temple of Literature has similarity in architecture. This temple was built in 1665 when son of Koxinga approved that the Wen Miao was constructed on the right side and the National Academy was constructed on the left side.


We went to Wufei Temple or Temple of the Five Concubines. This temple originates from Kuidou Mountain. They starship five honorable concubines of Prince Ningjing. They are Madam Yuan, Madam Wang, Aunt Xiu, Lady Mei and Lady He.


We saw a small temple on the way. And we were so excited when seeing the combination of a church and a temple.



I really like mango smothie of a stall near this place. It is not sweet.


Then we went to Koxinga's Shrine . I really love this place. It is a combination of traditional palace and beautiful garden.


A few walks from this place, we went to Lady Linshui's Temple. I saw a lot of couples taking their children here to pray for the health of their chidren.


And we went to Dongyue Hall. This is the place for you to talk with your dead relatives through spirit mediums. One of the things I like about the service of most of temples in Taiwan is that they have free books about religion for you to take. You can say thank you by donating them a little bit of money in their box.




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April 18, 2018

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