Tainan vs Seattle: Same Same, but Different

August 13, 2016


It seems not so long ago that I was sitting  behind a desk in Seattle, listening to the sound of the rain tapping against the glass. Each day was busy but the same, work, study, sleep, repeat. If someone asked me “where will you be in 6 months” I would have told them probably doing the same thing, in the same place. Yet life is full of surprises, it’s same same, but different. I am still sitting behind a desk, but this time I am over 4000 miles away from home. It’s not raining here, actually the opposite. The sun and heat never seems to go away. I look around and see signs I cannot read, and people that I cannot understand. The food is different, the living style is different, and every single person I am surrounded by I met just 2 weeks before.



So where am I? Tainan, Taiwan, a city where the regular is quite different than what I expected. While this is a brand new culture, I feel like I am slowly falling in love with what is the norm here. Noodle soup, bubble tea, and somehow finding a way to communicate without a common language. Not every part of Taiwan is like this. In Taipei, there are thousands of people that speak English. But Tainan is a culture where things are set in their old ways. People have been going to the same shops and restaurants for over 100 years. I came from a city that is young and growing, to a place of stable roots.

To be honest it wasn’t the first place I would expect to find myself, but there is something comforting about eating at such an old restaurant, or experiencing traditions that have stood the test of time. The old doesn’t feel so old, and it calls out for you to embrace it. Four weeks in, two left. The adventure continues…

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April 18, 2018

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