The Kindness of Taiwanese People

August 11, 2016


Is it easy thing to communicate with people without words? I don’t know about the rest of the world but it is not that hard if you are in Taiwan.


Local people are so kind even you don’t speak the same language with them. In my first night in Taipei I’ve hosted by a Vietnamese lady who lives there. And she didn’t lock her door.And her door could easily open by anyone without keys. It was extremely awkward for me but she was ok with it. (Although I locked the door at night :D )



Anyway  it was so different for me but day by day I started to understand the reason of this action. It was because of the reliance between people. It is because of the strong bonds among Taiwanese people. And sharing that bond is not as hard as the European people think.


I’ve seen a lot of blog posts about the kindness of Taiwanese people. And they’ve written by people who amused by that kindness.If you take a walk at a night market you will realise that people are very sharing and very communicative.You can walk on the streets at any time without any fear. When you take a cab they are not tryin’ to overcharge. Even they don’t understand they sing with you,they laugh and make some Chinese jokes on you :D(I hope that they are jokin’ not swearing) In Taipei I’ve warned about a small number of gangsters.But as I do know in Tainan there is no such a threat for people. People are debonair and I believe this makes life better in Taiwan. And glad to share that with Taiwanese people.


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