Tainan from a Jia Jia Guest’s Perspective

August 10, 2016

Yesterday the interns had a chance to do something unique with the daily schedule. Instead of working on our normal projects, we had a chance to test the itineraries for each room, and stay in that room for the night. I walked using a tour that involved learning about clothing manufacturing and design in Tainan. The tour was about two hours long, and I walked with another intern from Thailand; Mo. In the exploration Mo and I saw many amazing sights, from fabric and embroidery stores to delicious bakeries filled with goods. It took me to places I have never been before, even though we were still relatively close to the hotel. There is a lot of detail and history you would miss without the background the tour provided.



The tour gave me a chance to put myself in the guest’s shoes. It was so different to do something like this compared to the normal work assigned, especially because we were able to sleep in the hotel. It really is different compared the the norm. Jia Jia is an art focused hotel, and each room was portrayed in such a unique sense. Our room was small, but cozy. Each detail was clearly thought out ahead of time, with style and organization in every direction. Everything from the wall decorations so the shape of the room contributed to the feeling the artist was attempting to portray.


I feel somewhat guilty sleeping here, because I know this is not necessarily the real picture of Tainan. I had a beautiful and clean room, but the rest of the city was living in a situation much older than this. For some reason, I feel more comfortable living back at the dorm with everyone else than I did in the luxury of the hotel. I am not sure why, but I feel like I am having a more authentic experience in the dorm. Nonetheless, the hotel was an amazing experience that I  won’t forget anytime soon.


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April 18, 2018

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