Hangout around Taiwan

August 9, 2016

From the two full weeks of transition, the barriers of oddity began to disappear and replaced with the feeling of comfort. Nights after nights, conversations would take place after we finished our routines. Clouds of dark and light heads would gather up in the second floor of the lady’s room, in which appeared to be largest, and of course most tidiest in the house.



One evening, a good-natured intern from Italy, who loves to stir up a warm atmosphere, brought the interns together and packed them into the lady's bedroom.  He came up with idea for us to play; in which each one of us had to write down any person or character onto a post it, and place them onto other’s intern forehead without letting them see it. The game last over 2 hours, and I remembered that as I was ready to go to bed, one of the girl still hasn’t yet figure out her card. We named her, “J-Lo” after she finally took a long shot and guessed the correct answer. At that moment, when everyone was teasing the poor girl, I came to realize that the remaining weeks would be a great experience to spend it with them. After the room was empty, probably around two in the morning, I tidy up the floor, tuck in my soft white blanket, and grin to myself before falling asleep.


Apart from the memories spent with other interns at the dorm, during my third week there, things became special and was quite meaningful. As myself and other interns began to embrace each other’s difference, we gradually became more open to one another & with no hesitation, we decided to go on a trip together to Taipei.



The night before we leave to Taipei, my Indonesian Intern and myself, decided to go do laundry. Through a 5-min ride from the dorm, both of us borrowed the bicycles from the hotel staffs and headed out. As we waited for our laundry to be washed, we headed out to grab some food sold along the street. We bought grilled pork  on skewers and eat them inside family mart, as a way to escape from the night heat. I remember that time, our excitement to travel to Taipei was so overwhelming, that even after we collected our laundry, we couldn't afford to fall asleep before the 2 am bus.


After having a blast from our crazy Taipei trip, four of us have became more close to one another. Every now and then, we would make plan to do activity, or a random bike trip to a far away area or even to Carrefour at one in the morning. In fact these were the things that bonded us closer together. And not to mention the daytrip biking to Anping Fort through reckless Tainan heat.  Of course, these adventures with other interns have made my stay in Tainan more memorable and with my heart knowing that I don’t have much time left, it gave myself the courage to dare to be adventurous and try new things each day in this unforgettable city.


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Feeling like "Home" in Taiwan

April 18, 2018

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