Going Solo

July 28, 2016


It's officially my first week in Taiwan, and I'm not dead yet. Yes, you read it correctly. I've never been this thankful in my life for being alive day by day.

I'm thousand miles away from home, live with interns from 6 different countries who I just met here. Glad they're not serial killer or some kind of psychopath (as far as I know)


A week ago, I flew with my 2 suitcases and a backpack (I always love mention them as my travel companion), arrived in Kaohsiung and came to Tainan at the same day. Met complete strangers who turn out to be friends for life (I hope so!) / housemates / co-workers / survival buddies.



This is not my first time traveling alone, but I know this Taiwan experience would give me another-first-time moments, and I couldn't wait for what's coming next for me to experience.

Though it may sound like something you’d find inside a fortune cookie, sometimes the best travel companion you can have is yourself. Cos you’ll learn a lot about yourself in a way that’s simply impossible when you’re in the midst of your normal daily routine. I often surprise myself by the new interests I develop when I’m traveling or the way I interact with strangers differently than I would when I’m home.


When you are traveling alone, you'd be more aware cos you know that you are the only person you could rely on.



It makes you a better observer of people and places around you, which in turn has the power to make you more compassionate and a better person overall. Solo traveling means you have more time to yourself, have impersonal discussion, reflect even more, and as the people say, "You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have", and it is the truth. It's our instinct to survive, especially when you are on your own.


As knowing ourselves is the most important part of growing up, taking a solo travel could be the answer for you. It could also be the answer for the questions you have in mind right now, such as : "What should I do?" "What is my future plan?" "What would I do with myself" etc.


I couldn't guarantee you for having the answer after the solo trip, but I could promise you that it will affect your way of thinking and perceiving things, which will give you new perspective of seeing the problem.


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