First day in Kaohsiung

July 20, 2016

We arrived in Kaohsiung on a sunny day at noon. Our team included 7 people from different countries: Italy, Thailand, Indonesia, Turkey and Vietnam.  Although the weather was much hotter than the one in Tainan, we were so excited about our two-day trip in Kaohsiung.  Although we were all tired on the way to that place, we were these young people having fire in our eyes to discover and immerse ourselves in new places. We had a long walk to Lotus Pond. It is located in Cuihua Rd., Zuoying District.



We walked around the lake to come in Dragon and Tiger Tower. We saw some people do   We were so impressed with the height of two pagodas with big dragon and tiger in front of it. We went to the top of one of the pagodas. The view from here is just so amazing. I cannot believe this city having a perfect combination of modern high buildings and beauty from nature. I really like the way people provide service here. They put many books about this place. People can take it for free and donate how much money they want. We entered the dragon's mouth and came out in the mouth of the tiger.


And we walked a little bit more to see the Ciji Palace. My friend from Thailand and I came into the palace and we heard prayers from people there. I felt so calm.


We walked a little bit more to go to the Spring Autumn Pavilions. There is a Bodhisattva statue and some other statues on the dragon then.


After that, we went to Five Mile Pavilion and tried some bubble milk tea nearby. I love the taro one. It was so delicious and cheap.


We took a taxi to the hotel called "Chung Cheng". I was so surprised with the price we paid. We just paid 194NTD and we had a comfortable room with a buffet for breakfast.


At night, we went to Liuhe Night Market. The market is full of delicious food from seafood to dumplings.


That was our first day. I will continue with my second also last day in Kaohsiung with next blog!


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