Welcome Our International Interns!

Aaron - USA

My name is Aaron, and I am from the United States. I love Jia Jia because the staff makes you feel welcome no matter where you are from.

Adam - Poland

Cześć! I'm Adam from Poland. The first things about Taiwan which comes to my mind are the hospitality and kindness of local people. Formosa is a unique country, where you get to be closer to the beautiful nature on the island as well skyscrapers and developed companies

Aila - Italy

Ciao! I'm Aila from Italy. Taiwan is a beautiful country, and having an internship with Jia Jia in Tainan helped me learn more about this country. I can say that I left my heart here in the oldest city of the country.

Bella - Indonesia

Hi, I'm Bella from Indonesia, I love Taiwan and I feel so lucky to know more about this country by spending 6 weeks for internship with Jia Jia at West Market Hotel, a company that is eager to preserve Tainan's culture through their products and services. I believe home is not a place, it's a feeling; and at Jia Jia, I'm home.

Cengizhan - Turkey

Merhaba! I'm Cengizhan from Istanbul,Turkey. The reason I am in love with Taiwan is the kindness of Taiwanese people: they have endless tolerance! If you are planning to come to Taiwan don't leave without seeing Tainan. And I assure you it's going to be worth every second of it!

Debby - Hong Kong

This is Debby from Hong Kong. You can never imagine how wonderful my experiences at Jia Jia were. The most impressive point of Jia Jia for me is definitely the relationship between Hotel, Home and Non-home. Come and experience it with me.

Milo - Thailand

Hi, I'm Milo from Thailand. Tainan is an incredible city that continues to amaze me everyday. There are multiple reasons to love Tainan, from the beautiful temples to the addictive bubble tea. The people here are very kind and friendly, and the culture-rich city is both real and aesthetically pleasing.

Mo - Thailand

I am Mo from Thailand. Taiwan is the mix of good environment, culture and civilization. There are a lot of green areas and nature tourism, but I can also feel the culture from temple with religious ceremonies and civilization, main things that drive Taiwan. I feel good from orderliness of the city and convenience from technology.

Trang - Vietnam

Hello. My name is Trang. I come from Vietnam. I love reading books, travelling, and meeting  people around the world to learn more from them. I really love politeness and hospitality from Taiwanese people.

Samy - Italy

I'm Samy and this internship with Jia Jia has been one of the most valuable experiences for me. I'm amused by the friendliness of Taiwanese people and how this city preserve the culture of Taiwan really well.

First Squad

Hi all, we are the 1st wave interns of Jia Jia! In the one and a half months, we learnt, we grew, we explored a lot in Tainan and Jia Jia. We left our footprints in Tainan and created many unforgettable memories with all the staff members and Miss Tsai at Jia Jia. Although we live in different parts of the world, we can still remember that there is a place called 'Jia Jia' in Tainan that is our home.

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