The JJ-W Hotel is not only a hotel.
It is a combination of a hotel,
 a gallery, and a conference hall.

The idea of the JJ-W Hotel germinated from a deep love for the local history and a wish to refresh it with contemporary ideas.

About Jia-Jia

Our Story

The JJ-W on the time-space context of Taiwan’s historical heritage

The JJ-W Hotel inherits the name of the old Jia Jia Hotel out of a love for telling stories about the old Jia Jia and the old Tainan. Tainan is the ancient capital of Taiwan and one of its oldest cities, enjoying a reputation for its many well-preserved historical sites and rich cultural heritage. The once prosperous West Market was built as an important authorized market located in the old Hsimending in Meiji 38 (1905 A.D.) during the Japanese colonial era. It held a key position in the Five-Harbor District, the economic hub of Tainan City and contributed to Tainan’s 170 golden years, a time when thousands and thousands of merchants gathered here. Over time, anecdotes, fun jokes, and stories of chivalry have been imbued, along with the scent of traditional tea, into the rich, lively history. It is using these stories that the JJ-W has reconstructed the appearance of the building. The hotel also uses its guestroom designs to narrate these stories, always reminding its visitors of what the hotel owes to Tainan’s history. The JJ-W Hotel wishes to keep its history as lively in the present day as its century-old tree, which has been accompanying the hotel ever since it was built.


The appearances of the old Jia-Jia and other old local houses have been combined to develop a unique architectural style.

Built in the 1970’s, the former Jia Jia Grand Hotel was designed by Hsiu-Lian Wang, the first female practicing architect in Taiwan. At the time in Taiwan, the hotel had been considered as the symbol of an open, equal, and diverse society, until it became less recognized and overwhelmed by the competitive, rising hotel industry in Tainan.

 In order to bring the hotel into the modern era, the hotel has implemented the concept of a "Non-Home", a dynamic hotel exhibition project integrating art and life.

Pei-Huan Tsai​  ( Kino )

JJ-W Hotel interior design
Promoter for local industries

Patrick Su

JJ-W Hotel's management and marketing planning

Hao-Yi Wang

Collaborator for promotions
Culture and travel writer

Sou Fujimoto

Design and integration of the 
"Tree Stairway"

Chien-Yu Tseng

Invaluable contributor for organizing and compiling resources

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